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Let’s now take a look at using cryptographic hashing functions in Python programs. We’ll mainly focus on the hashlib module, that provides all the common hashing functions we’re likely to need. To cover almost every use case you’ll only actually need a handful of these despite your interpreter probably supporting more. To see the hashing […]

There are many hashing algorithms commonly used in cryptography and they have names like SHA1, MD5 and so on. These hashing methods have advanced in the past couple of decades, and although we commonly use the older ones in our everyday lives, it’s worth briefly looking at newer and better alternatives. We explored the basic […]

Hashing is an essential part of modern software systems, and we’re going to explain what you need to know to use them in your programs. We’ll be focusing mainly on the terrific hashlib module in Python. We also want to stick to the most secure and most widely used cryptographic hashing functions, although there certainly […]

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