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The makers of Autopsy and The Sleuth Kit forensic software are offering their Autopsy training course for a month for all those of us who are staying at home due to Covid-19. The course is from Basis Technology and the offer ends on May 15th. Go here for details: Autopsy is a general purpose […]

When people ask me about metadata and they’re not asking about a phone app, I default to saying exiftool because it’s fabulous and it’s the tool that I like. But it’s rarely a good answer for most people who want simpler things. So I looked at MAT2, the successor to Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit (MAT). It […]

We focus almost exclusively on software that runs locally on linux because of all the great software that is available. But in this post we’ll take a look at a couple of web based reources for doing some pretty effective image forensics. We test drove these sites using JPEG and PNG image files with content […]

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