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Getting Started Install pass – use the package manager for your distro. $ sudo apt install pass$ sudo yum install pass$ sudo pacman -S pass Let’s try it out. $ pass Error: password store is empty. Try “pass init”. $ pass init Usage: pass init [–path=subfolder,-p subfolder] gpg-id… We need a GPG key. Your distro […]

You’ve probably heard of two factor authentication, commonly referred to as two factor auth, or simply 2FA. It literally means using two different things to authenticate. Authentication is proving that you are who you claim to be, and providing two distinct forms of credentials is highly recommended. Not all 2FA varieties are equal however, so […]

Short or overly simple passwords are insecure. If you are using a short, memorized password then you need to change it often; if you are using a password manager use a long, complex password and you don’t need to change it as often. For short passwords do not use the first character as your required […]

How often should you change your password? Should you use a password manager? Should you store passwords in your browser? There are many common questions about passwords and password managers, so let’s take a look at a few of them. How to choose a password manager? Do you really need one? 22% of 12,500 people […]

Passwords have been the preferred method of authenticating users since the earliest days of the Internet, and they continue to be used to this day to authenticate users. The security issues are well known, but few people consider the privacy pitfalls. Our most private digital data are protected by passwords, yet people are generally lacking […]

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