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Scrapy is a scrappy little web scraper you can use to scrape web content using CSS or XPath selectors and even Regex. Using CSS selectors is probably the easiest for people who are familiar with the web, but the hardcore user can even mix-n-match. We can open a shell, a familiar technique to Python programmers, […]

Health Information Installing apps that “help” you with medical conditions can lead to privacy disasters. Your personal information gets shared with the world, and suddenly advertisements for your health situation follow you around the Internet. According to research firm Twinword, an estimated 83% of users searched online for health or medical information. If the average […]

Getting Started Install pass – use the package manager for your distro. $ sudo apt install pass$ sudo yum install pass$ sudo pacman -S pass Let’s try it out. $ pass Error: password store is empty. Try “pass init”. $ pass init Usage: pass init [–path=subfolder,-p subfolder] gpg-id… We need a GPG key. Your distro […]

I made a really difficult contest in the Bitcorns idle farming game. Actually I made three, and the one designed for hackers was recently solved, giving the winner the access to the private key. What this means in practical terms is that they could take the Bitcoin and the twenty five nice Counterparty assets at […]

When people ask me about metadata and they’re not asking about a phone app, I default to saying exiftool because it’s fabulous and it’s the tool that I like. But it’s rarely a good answer for most people who want simpler things. So I looked at MAT2, the successor to Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit (MAT). It […]

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