Monday , 22, July 2019

Here we go again, yet another blog by yours truly. I had a blog for years here, and have dabbled in some other places since then.

I enjoy writing, and here I intend to share whatever I’m interested in. That should amount to a heavy dose of cybersecurity, along with blockchain, digital privacy and computer technology. If you follow really close you might even notice a post here and there about space exploration, quantum computing or sushi.

minimalist page circa 2001

The first page archived by the Wayback MachineTM on this domain was in May 2001, and was a simple contact page. It ran a CGI script that I thought was pretty cool.

I ran DynDNS on my home computer, and this script would check if I was live online. If I was, it would show a button linked to my home machine webserver at mdw.penguinpowered.com – I ran slackware linux back then. Although my first CGI program was actually written in C back in 1994, this was a Perl script like absolutely everything I wrote for the web at that time.

There was no substantial change to this until I installed a WordPress blog in March 2006. Here’s a screenshot from June of that year showing my green on black design and some of the links and content.

wordpress themed – circa June 2006

I was quite into building websites, as you’ll see if you peruse the posts and the links from back then. The next substantial change was recorded in January 2013, where I switched to a colorful theme and domain name based content. I had started a company called Boca Names LLC and was just starting a group called South Florida Domainers with another local domain investor, Stu Maloff. We had just held the first really successful domainers meetup the month before, and were all enthusiastic about it.

By late 2014 I was using a tasteful, minimalist theme and getting involved in blockchain projects. For the past year I had been writing articles and learning about how cryptocurrencies worked. Here’s the last screenshot in the series, once again thanks to the Wayback Machine at archive.org:

Well that’s it folks, the grand tour of mikeward.net archives brings us here – to a new start for this venerable domain. Let’s get started!


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